Harold Peterson Middle School

Harold Peterson Middle School has a range of volunteer positions available:

  • Basketball Coach: A coach is needed for the boys’ basketball team. The school would be excited to have a committed and active volunteer.
  • Tech Mentors: Volunteer with kids in the school’s Maker Space, a program for students in grades 6-8 interested in anything and everything hands-on. Projects range from woodworking and mechanics to computer coding and taking apart and putting back together old cell phones. The program runs from 1200-1430 hr once/week. Anyone who loves technology and hands-on work would be well-suited to the program.
  • Breakfast Program: Support is needed for the morning program from 0730-0830 hr to help with setting up and cutting fruit, as well as to hang out, eat toast, and chat with the kids.
  • Lunchtime Fun: For those who love sports and being active, volunteers are needed to do fun lunchtime activities with grade 8 students in the school’s gym between 1210-1240 hr…come play a fun sport with the kids and share your skills.

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