Lintuhtine Music Academy

The Lintuhtine Music Academy of Oromocto provides a space for children, youth, teens, and adults to experience singing and/or playing an instrument musically together. The academy and instructors are all volunteers, and low registration fees are used to help run various programs along with the aid of sponsors, including the Town of Oromocto, Rotary International, and the Oromocto Veterinary Hospital. The academy currently needs volunteers to help with choirs for kids aged 3-4 years, 5-8 years, and 9-18 years, as well as with a choir for older teens. The 3-4 year-old and 5-8 year-old choirs meet weekly from 1730-1800 hr on Tue, and the 9-11 year-old choir meets from 1815-1915 hr on Tue with older teens staying later to about 2100 hr. Volunteers help kids stay focused, organize their music, and/or provide support to small groups. In addition to the choirs, volunteers are needed to teach kids and/or adults piano and guitar either one-on-one or in small groups. No formal training is required; volunteers only need to be able to play and to teach their skills effectively.


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