Navy League of Canada and Sea Cadets – Fredericton Branch

A range of positions are available with the organizations during their weekly meetings in Fredericton for kids aged 9-12 and 12-19 years on Wed nights between 1800-2100 hr. Available positions include:

  • Range: Regular visits are made to the range to operate pellet guns. Receive training yourself, if needed, and join the Cadets to teach them how to shoot and be responsible.
  • Music: Supervise band practice by lending an ear and helping keep kids on track in small groups. There is no need to be able to play an instrument as the kids follow a set program and all music is provided. Your role would involve listening to the kids play and encouraging them.
  • Drill: Help teach kids Navy drill. Instruction is provided to volunteers beforehand so that they are confident in the steps.
  • Sailing: Teach kids sailing basics, such as dryland sailing and reading flags. All materials are provided and instructors are briefed before the classes so that they are comfortable with the material.

Outside of the weekly meetings, a range of weekend trips are made with the kids. They include four camps a year and cover a range of skills including outdoor survival and sailing.

Volunteers can take a leadership role or choose to provide support. The organization is flexible and understands that military members will be away on short notice. Letters are provided to members’ chain of command to recognize their volunteer efforts. Please note that volunteers are required to complete a vulnerability sector check with the local RCMP as well as attend an interview. Interviews are intended to help volunteers find the positions that fit them best so that they enjoy their role with the Navy League.


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