Cambridge Narrows Community School

A range of positions are available at the school:

  • Young Naturalist Club: An outdoorsy volunteer is needed to lead kids ages 8-11 years in learning about the environment. Outings are held approximately 6 times/ year. An existing program is available, all that’s needed is an individual who’s passionate about nature.
  • Trail Building: A Trail Day will be held this summer to improve the trail system behind the school. Volunteers are needed to help cut and clear brush, and are asked to bring their own clippers and saws.
  • Elementary Literacy Friends (ELF): Helpers interested in supporting grade 2 students as they learn to read are needed for the ELF program. Sessions are 10 weeks long, and volunteers are asked to work with a student on their reading each Tue/Thu between 1345-1445 hr. Timings can be flexible, if needed.  You can go on the Elementary Literacy Friends website for more info.
  • Community Food Smart Program:  Volunteers are always welcome once per month to help with packing bags of fresh produce at the Oromocto Food bank, then driving the packed bags back to Cambridge-Narrows, and dropping them off at the school.
  • School Garden: The school is interested in building onto their gardens. Support is needed to build raised garden beds as well as to fill the beds with soil. All materials and equipment are provided. A Garden Day may be held at the end of April to do the work as a group. Once the garden is up and running, volunteers will be needed to maintain it during the summer holidays.

Please note that all volunteers must have completed, prior to volunteering, a Criminal Record Check and the Department of Education’s Policy 701.


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