Oromocto & Surrounding Area Food & Clothing Bank

Our local food and clothing bank has a broad range of positions available. Hours are flexible and volunteers are welcome to help as often as they like, whether a one-time visit, occasional visits, or regular weekly or monthly volunteering works best. Positions are available Mon to Fri and during weekends as well as indoors and outdoors. Read below to find out more!

  • Egg Program: Volunteers are needed on Sun afternoons between 1200-1500 hr to help crack and peel eggs for local schools.
  • Food Pickup: Volunteers are invited to help pickup bulk food orders during the day. Pickups take place approximately once every six weeks.
  • Food Sorting: If you love putting things in their place, this is perfect for you! Help organize food donations by categorizing and storing food items as well as by separating bulk items into smaller portions.
  • Gardening: This is the most flexible volunteering position. Once oriented with the garden, volunteers can come as little or as often as they like, and can choose to pop by quickly or linger during a visit. Tasks range from weeding and planting to watering and general garden maintenance. This is a fun way to get kids involved in helping the community and learning about food.

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