Fay Tidd Public Library

Do you like crafting? Or, do you have items to donate towards crafting for a fundraiser?
Oromocto’s Fay Tidd Public Library is hosting a Murder Mystery on Thu, 26 Oct, and volunteers are needed to help make props! See below to learn more about the crafting.
Email Jacqueline at ryjackie35@gmail.com to learn more and sign up!
Floating Candles – Skill Level – easy

Paper Towel tubes – (please don’t use toilet paper tubes!) We have 6 tubes so far but need 20, and we have all other supplies required for this craft, but need assistance painting.

Image result for diy floating candles    "Harry potter" Soaring candles tutorial / делаем парящие свечи: Магия праздника: 50 классных идей для вечеринки в стиле Гарри Поттера - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade

Speciman Jars – Skill Level – Easy
We are looking for PLAIN glass jars (various sizes), as well as items such as, but not limited to, toy brains, snakes, frogs, and rats. We need someone to make these along with creepy write ups to place with each specimen. For this we have no supplies to date… but it is on our wish list! Here are some ideas for inspiration….

Image result for diy halloween specimen jars
Spell Book – Skill Level – Medium/hard
We are looking to have some “spell” books made.  The only supplies we currently have are paints, tissue paper, books, brown paper, and craft foam.  We require supplies as well as someone to make a few.  Here’s what they could look like…

Image result for diy spell books
Tombstones – Skill Level – Medium/hard
Another item on our wish list is to have some tombstones either made or purchased. The only supplies we have thus far for this project are paint, brown paper (limited supply), and craft foam.  We require supplies and  someone to make some of these for us.
Image result for diy tombstoneImage result for diy tombstoneImage result for diy tombstone

Potion Bottles – skill level – Easy/Meduim
We require someone to make potion bottles.  We have a few “bottles” that can be used but could use a few more.  Supplies that we have are bottles (a few) paint, tissue paper, and craft foam.  Here’s what they could look like….

Using Recycled Bottles As Halloween Props. Pick Your Poison.


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