NB Lung Association

The NB Lung Association’s Bike For Breath needs CROSSING GUARDS on Sun, 24 Sep 2017 for its 21+ km trail ride route, viewable here.

  • Crossing guards meet at the Picaroons Roundhouse between 1200-1300 hr to pick up their vest, sign, and complimentary Bike For Breath tee.
  • Cyclists on this route depart the Roundhouse at 1330 hr, so crossing guards must be in place by this time. This route should take approximately 2 hours for the average cyclist to complete, so you are looking at a 2-2.5 hour crossing guard shift.
  • Crossing guards are to be placed in the Victoria Health Centre/Sunshine Gardens area (parking available at Victoria Health Centre), with one situated at the crosswalk by the Town and Country Motel on Woodstock Rd. , just to ensure safe passage and visibility to motorists for the few times the trail route intersects with streetways.
  • All volunteers are invited for a meal by Locavore foods and a beer tasting by Picaroons at the Chillout Afterparty, scheduled to begin at 1700 hr!

To sign up, contact Maggie at (506) 455-8961, ext. 103 or Maggie.Estey@NB.Lung.ca, provide your t-shirt size and any dietary restrictions (for the delicious meal), and come party with the Lung Association and the New Brunswick cycling community! 


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