Falls Brook Centre

Falls Brook Centre (FBC) is a demonstration centre and registered charity that works to foster thriving local communities by educating and inspiring people to adopt environmentally sound practices. Through partnerships, recreation, and education that support the creation of a balanced, sustainable way of life, FBC seeks to explore and promote practical solutions to today’s environmental, social, and economic challenges.

Every summer Falls Brook Centre organizes a knowledge sharing festival – Annual Free School. For the upcoming Free School next summer, we are seeking individuals for three manager positions as well as for task-specific volunteer positions.

Manager Positions

  • Sponsorship Manager – Assisting & supporting the FBC staff in seeking potential sponsorship.
  • Workshop/Performer Manager – Assisting & supporting the FBC staff in getting performer (bands, artists, artisans, cultural performers) and workshop presenters.
  • Volunteer Manager – Assisting & supporting the FBC staff in managing & organizing volunteers.

Task-specific Volunteer Positions

  • Sponsorship Volunteers – Supporting the FBC staff & sponsorship manager in seeking potential sponsorship.
  • Photographers/Videographers – Taking pictures and videos of the event for promotion and publication.
  • Workshop Liaisons: Assisting workshop presenters during the event, announcing workshop schedule and locations, and directing participants when needed.

To learn more and sign up, contact Dani Subagiyo at media@fallsbrookcentre.ca or (506) 454-5480.


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